Playing at a Burn's Supper in Kurdistan

Lea was brought-up on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands, a landscape rich with the history of the bagpipes and music that unfolds the stories of the land. 

At age nine, Lea began learning the bagpipes and quickly developing a passion for the instrument. Demonstrating intuitive prowess from the beginning, he began winning prizes in competitions across Scotland. Initially he received tuition from Niall Stewart followed by John Don MacKenzie. After High School, Lea went on to study a BA (Hons) in Applied Music at the University of the Highlands and Islands where he strengthened his Gaelic style of playing and learned the flute and tin whistle under the guidance of Iain MacDonald.

Upon graduation from university, Lea set up a bagpiping business based in the Highlands of Scotland, by Eilean Donan Castle. He spends the summers performing at weddings, elopements and occasions across Scotland. When the wedding season is over, Lea packs his bagpipes, kilt and sets off on his travels playing the bagpipes around the world.

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